New Year’s Update

Fabric store in Nanjing

Fabric store in Nanjing

It has been quite some time since I posted anything. I had a very busy semester teaching and traveling, then was swamped with finals and the holidays. I am now on sabbatical so I intend to post regularly for the next few months.

For the past several years I have been working on a cultural guidebook to China. It is due to the hit the bookstores in April. The title is: Decoding China: A Handbook for Traveling, Studying, and Working in Today’s China. I will post more details of the book and how to get a copy soon.

I have two new projects I am working on this year. The first is a culinary guidebook to China. This will cover the various regional cuisines in China and some very practical information such as how to make sense of a Chinese menu, how to find a good restaurant, street food, and so on. My interest in food and eating is evident to those who read this blog. The second project is a book on Chinese popular culture and cultural literacy. My goal with this book is to cover those basic things about Chinese culture that everyone in China grows up knowing. I will be posting regularly on these two topics as I continue my research. I have at least two research trips to China planned this year for these projects.

I also have more photos and stories about my trip to Tibet last year that I plan to post about. And finally, I will continue to post on topics related to communication and Chinese culture.

Here are a few photos from my last trip to China, October/November 2012.

Beijing Train Station, early morning.

Beijing Train Station, early morning.

Breakfast in a hutong near the Beijing South Train Station.

Breakfast in a hutong near the Beijing South Train Station.

Tianjin's famous gǒubùlǐ bāo 狗不理包

Tianjin’s famous gǒubùlǐ bāo 狗不理包

Tianjin, old and new

Tianjin, old and new

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Update

  1. 狗不理包 << i never understand this term. direct translation is "even dog would not touch bun". Hoping you will explain the origin of this odd term in you culinary guidebook =)

  2. The food looks so good and fresh! I also enjoy the old and new photos in Tianjin, I love how the ‘old’ is in front of the ‘new’. Very interesting.

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